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Sunday 7 June 2015

Summer Garden Granny Blanket

Hello woollies! 

Chronic unfinished-itis has struck again! Unable to contain herself, Claire has started yet another type of granny square. This time, it's the Summer Garden Granny by Lucy at Attic24 - but I was really inspired by According to Matt's interpretation with the white 4th rounds - I think it's a really sweet interpretation.

Matt did one round of white granny to frame it (which looks lovely), but I didn't like mine with only the one round - it wasn't satisfyingly 'chunky' enough for me, so I went ahead and added an extra round of DC all around. 

I also went and used cream, because I love it and I had oodles I'd bought from style craft 'just in case'... I'm already almost through one full ball, and I have around 3 left. Depending on what I do for the border, I might even need a couple more. Oh no...another excuse to go yarn shopping...:P 

As a crochet newbie, I really enjoy reading and looking at what these creative woollies are up to - if you have time, you should check out Matt and Lucy's blogs - I love reading them.  One of my favourite things to do at the moment is sit out on my patio in the sunshine and have a good read with some tea and biscuits. What a glamorous life I lead! 

I couldn't wait to show you these so I went ahead and bordered the ones I've finished already in cream, but if I have time to make some more today, I'll show you what they look like without. The cream frame really helps to 'balance' the colours, I think. 

It also hides a multitude of sins. You wouldn't believe how lumpy and crooked some of my little coloured squares were looking because a tired Claire put an extra treble in where it oughtn't be. I can't help it - I'm so impatient to se the finished result I just can't put it down, so I'm often crocheting all day and well into the night. But it's worth it! Just look at how pretty they are!

Also, please excuse my ugly red tiled floor - not my choice! One day, I'll have my own hardwood floors to take lovely photos on (a girl can dream).

Ahhhh. Much better! Rows upon rows of Granny Goodness! And so that's what I did with my weekend. How was yours?

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