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Sunday 31 May 2015


I'm feeling a bit experimental these days. I'm not sure if it's been done before, but I was really inspired by this pattern on a pair of pants that I have and love.

I liked the idea of  changing colours mid way through a round, with random turns. It took me a few goes to get it, but I managed to figure it out. And I'm thrilled with it!

I'm probably breaking all of the crochet rules with my colour changing techniques (I'm a wild one, ha ha!) but I just wanted to see if I could make a square that changed colour before the round finished. I used the same pattern as the Elmer Squares that I'm working on by Little Tin Bird

Not having any black or the right shades of pink like my pants didn't stop me though! I decided to go for a combination of soft neons. I love the idea of a colourful blanket that's bright nd cheerful but can still be soft and pretty. I was determined to see if it could work. It does - but oh my goodness, the ends. 

The ENDS! It's probably going to take me a while to finish them. I wanted to do it today before I blogged it, but I lost my darning needle. Aiy-a!

And here is the full square. It was a bit time-consuming to finish with so many changes (and the ends get in the way a lot more than I thought they would) so I don't know if the finished blanket will be arriving any time soon (we can always hope though :P) 

But for now, here is a 'mini' tah-DAH!

 Cute, right? I'd love to make the whole blanket with different variations in every square. Or maybe a cushion. We'll see :)

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