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Friday 30 December 2016

Crochet Roses Update

Dear Yarnlings,

I'm at it again.

Oh yes, dear friends. Those mounds of poor, wrinkled up pink are the result of my feverish midnight frogging and mind-changing after a whole year of neglect on my crochet roses blanket.

Crochet Roses Blanket Yummery Scrummery

Sunday 7 February 2016

Crochet Roses

Happy New Year, Woollies!

I've been away for a long time, but not wasting time :D I have discovered a new obsession on my crocheting journey - roses! 

I found and fell in love with the beautiful Babushka Rose blanket by Sewing Daisies about four months ago, and I knew immediately that I wanted to have a go. Now, I'm one of those crafters who, when I see a colour combination that I really like, wants to copy it exactly, down to the last detail, to satisfy my inner control freak. But naturally, I would't be happy with a baby-sized project. Of course, I thought to myself - wow! imagine how beautiful that would be as a grown-up size blanket! (I seem to suffer from perennial eyes-bigger-than-my-hook syndrome). 

Well, I loved her use of colours in this blanket, but I didn't love the idea of making a big blanket on a 3.5mm hook (because who has time for that?!) and so my first attempt was to try to recreate her colours using my go-to bargain favourite, with Stylecraft special DK. I used Matador, Lipstick, Fiesta, Spring Green, Sunshine and as well as a few other balls of similar-weight yarn I picked up in the markets. I did like it (sorta), but something was niggling at me inside. It wasn't exactly right

Crochet Rose Squares Yummery Scrummery

Do you see what I mean? 

Monday 29 June 2015

Tuesday Huesday

Hi again Woollies,

It's been a bit of a slow week or two around here. Not in real life though - at work we're manning the decks, so I haven't been able to craft as much as I'd like. I've been trying out some new things, while I'm working away on my blanket(s)...I did warn you I am a chronic never-finisher! It's just that the minute I have an idea or I see an inspiring project I have to start it immediately and the poor old project I'm currently working on just get laid to the wayside while I go on a joyous little deviation through crochet land. 

Since it's Tuesday Huesday today, I thought I'd get into the spirit of things and chat about all things colour!

I recently discovered the Color n' Cream blog by Jennifer Poort-Larche, and I love her colour combinations very much. So I wanted to attempt some squares inspired by her colours, just to see if they 'sit' with me. I am happy to report that I love them!