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Thursday 11 June 2015

Egg balls

Hi Woollies, 

now I know what you're thinking. This does not look like something Claire would either make or bake. And you'd be right. But if I didn't share this yummery-scrummery treat with you, I'd really be doing you a disservice. 

Egg-balls are my jam. These little beauties, pronounced 'gai daan jai' (鷄蛋仔) are unique to Hong Kong (as far as I know) and they taste just like Heaven in your mouth. Imagine waffles mixed with pancakes mixed with cake mixed with awesome - that's an egg ball. 

The island where I live makes the best egg balls in Hong Kong. They're only open when there are a lot of tourists around, so when I happened to see those shutters up last Tuesday, of course yours-truly made a bee-line straight for the counter! They're made with a special moulded industrial size waffle-iron that they pour the batter into. Wait a couple minutes and hey-presto! Delicious eggy-buttery-cakey dessert-time! 

I couldn't wait until I got home to gobble them all up, so I decided to get two bags - one to devour on the ten-minute walk back to my house, and the other to take some photographs of when I got home, just for your viewing pleasure :P 

Just look at those little puffs of goldenly goodness! The texture is kind of chewy (in the middle of the puff) but it's also crispy around the edges...it's pretty much all of the good things! 

Of course, the minute my camera was put aside, little puffs kept mysteriously disappearing until all of a sudden! There were no more left. Just like that - POUF! Imagine ;)

I'm going to attempt to make these some time soon in my tiny Asian kitchen. I cannot wait to see how those turn out! 

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